Are you looking for the quiet and serene environment residential place to settle with your family? Have you searched for the most recent residential development and found none? If you are aiming at obtaining a stylish and modern residential place, then you have come to the right place .If there is any one great thing that you can give your family is giving them shelter .Having a home in a place where you are near the public transport system is a plus. This article will provide information about Grandeur Park Residences that you need to know.

Chip Eng Seng Grandeur Park Residences

This is one of the major residential in Singapore. The project is undertaken by Eng Seng’ CEL residential development company at a cost of $419 million dollars. Most people are hopeful because of this project due to its strategic location. The contractor who has been charged with the responsibility of handling the whole project is highly qualified and has so many years of experience.

Grandeur Park Condo at Tanah Merah MRT Station by Chip Eng Seng will be located at a close proximity with Changi airport near MRT station. It is located at a junction of two main roads. These strategic locations of Grandeur Park Residences wills make prospective owners enjoy good transportation network.

Grandeur Park Condo Upper Changi Road

There is a proposed plan for the site and all members have agreed to double their efforts to ensure that is achieved in a timely manner. We will provide all the social amenities’ in the area to ensure that you live as comfortably as possible. There is a shopping center called Changi jewel. This shop sells jewellery plus a host of other products near CEL Residential Development condo. The jewellery shop will be specifically located here so as to attract many tourists. There will be artificial waterfall which will be 40m tall. Other facilities that are supposed to be added include; Schools, dispensary, pub and other entertainment joints.

There will be great exhibitions and Singapore expos where people from other countries will have to showcase their talents of different products and to compete favourably.

Grandeur Park Residences Tanah Merah

This is why the site is your residential area of choice, as it is located in an area where there is close proximity to the social amenities. If you are interested in buying one unit in the Grandeur Park Residence to settle together with your family. Why don’t contact us for unbelievable residential deals that are unmatched in the real estate industry? This is a good investment that is solid for your children future!