Achieve your Dreams form Riverfront Residences. Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative business across the world today and every sector is focusing on it and how to maximize on returns. Whether you are considering the sector in terms of business purposes are residential homes, there is always a perfect way to handle this. Getting the best when it comes to real estate can be very expensive and marry call for a lot of partnership and expertise consultation.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Holdings at Hougang

On the foundation of offering the best, that is why Riverfront Residences Rio Casa Enbloc exist. It was established focusing on delivering the best in terms of residential and business premises. The project is located in Hougang Avenue 7 and it presents one of the world best icons in the land. The iconic development in the land was formerly under the private control of HUDC estate which has now changed. The new tenure that is now meant to run for 99 years under which the development shall be on lease, much is expected of it.

Former Rio Casa HUDC Enbloc Singapore

The positive look of the future of Riverfront Residences Rio Casa development, many investors have expressed interest when it comes to developers. It has one of the most pleasing environments as it’s considered the latest investment in its current location and many developers attracted. It stands in a strategically placed area considering the proximity to the prominent station Hougang and the bus interchange of Hougang making the transport in the area very flexible. It is also located near the Serangoon Park Connector making it very likable to those who are looking to own part of the new development and still interested in the outdoor activities. The deve

Riverfront Residences has been established under the development of partnership with the developer being Oxley-Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd. It is not only a development project to all the stakeholders but the profitability after the sales will give stakeholders best returns as compared to other of interest. The developers are not limiting their dreams and it is even set to go further with the plans to construct an excellent waterfront that will set a greenery views of Sungei and Upper area of Serangoon.

Riverfront Residences Enbloc Rio Casa at Hougang Avenue 7

From the buildings position, you will get the direct view of the riverfront that is set just 200 m. Even before all is set to be in place, Riverfront Residences singapore has already raised great potential for investment as well as home for stay. The popular Hougang Mall and Transportation hub are all set on a close proximity to the iconic project making it ideal to all. Choosing Riverfront Residences condo as your home of residence will be a clear win for the bet since it has put in place all your needs that will make you feel very comfortable from the place.

All the social amenities that you can talk of are well positioned within Riverfront Residences to give the best to all family members and children playing ground is at its best state. With some of the best rated schools in Singapore located in the neighborhood, your children are assured of the best in terms of education to make them all round people. Your dream has been packaged and presented by Riverfront Residences in the best and affordable way. The residential homes have been given different set ups in terms of sizes and plans hence there is something ideal for all. To give the best to yourself and family, don’t imagine of anything else Riverfront Residences Rio Casa Enbloc has it all ready for you.