The hyde condo was developed by the Woi Hup group and has gone on to become one of the most sought-after condos in the world. Why is that so? First, The Hyde Woi Hup is located on the Balmoral road between two of the largest stations in the country. The hyde is located in an area that has been created for the elite and affluents. This means that moving into this condo would give you much respect from onlookers. A hyde condo is a freehold unit that has been developed by the Woi Hup group to ensure that you and your family get the needed comfort, peace of mine and entertainment you need. One important fact that you have to take note about the hyde condo is that although it is located in the heart of the city, it still maintains this tranquil and serene environment that you would definitely enjoy.

The Hyde Facilities and Amenities

The hyde condo has some of the most unique features you have ever seen, from a 50 meters swimming pool to tennis courts, sun deck, guard room, function room, clubhouse, BBQ pits and a spacious and amazing children playground for your children. The hyde condo was put up for sale by the JLL and because of its unique and amazing features, this condo has been expected to get a lot of bids from various groups. True to this expectation, the hyde condo has received tons of bids from various groups so far.

The Hyde Close to Shopping Malls and Tourist Attractions

Generally, for a home to be complete, it must be situated at an area that is close to shopping malls where owners are able to quickly go in and purchase items. The hyde condo is a perfect example of this type of home. Close to the hyde condo is the Orchard shopping mall. This shopping mall is one of the famous in the world and has been known to attract tourists from several parts of the world.

The Hyde Woi Hup Developer Real Estate

One interesting fact about this condo is that it was developed by Woi Hup which one is one of the leading civil engineering specialist groups in Singapore. This assures you that this amazing condo is not only aesthetic but also has a solid foundation and that all items used are superior.
This condo was designed for you and your family to ensure that you get the needed comfort and tranquil environment that you deserve after a hard day’s work.