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The Clematis Condo SingHaiYi Group Different Bedroom Types

Real estate and property development is one of the most booming sectors of Singapore’s economy after experiencing a slump these past few years. Among the many property development projects going on in Singapore, one of the most popular ones is The Clematis which is a 50-50 joint venture of SingHaiyi and Haiyi Wealth.

The Clematis Different Bedroom Types and Facilities

The Clematis offers first class lifestyle for in the heart of district 5 which is one of the most posh districts of Singapore with a promise of luxury and class all around it. The Clematis condo offers 1,2 and 3 bedroom living options each of different sizes. The total number of units up for grabs is 1500. The condominium also boasts a myriad of facilities within the complex such as clubhouse, guard house, function hall, gym, tennis court, swimming pool, playground, BBQ pit and sun deck. The Clematis condo offers a full all in one living package the likes of which are few and far between.

The Clematis District 5 by SingHaiYi Group Condo

Being so strategically located in the heart of District 5 for Jalan Lempeng, The Clematis is right in the middle of all the business and commercial activity. It is surrounded by a world of amenities and services and all that a few short minutes drive away. There are many shopping centers and malls located all around and it is the perfect spot for anybody who loves to shop. There are a countless number of local and international brans to satisfy the needs of the local population. Popular malls such as Clementi Mall, Courts Superstore and 321 Clementi Shopping Centre is all located in very close proximity to The Clematis. This is a great thing because future residents won’t have to travel to far off places to buy essential item. A very important feature of a good property development project is connectivity and access to transport facilities.

The Clematis Transportation Clementi MRT Station and Other Public Buses

The Clematis is very well connected thanks to the extensive road network, MRT stations and buses all around it. The Clematis is located very close to the all important Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE). Coming to MRT stations, Clementi MRT station is located a few minutes’ walk away from the condominium complex. As for those who use buses to move to and from place, district 5 has you covered; there are many public buses available for people along the Clementi Avenue 6 and Jalan Lempang. Last but not the least, schools; luckily for future residents of the area, The Clematis is situated very close to some of the elite and top rated school and educational institues in all of Singapore such as Anglo Chinese Junior College (ACJC), Singapore Polytechnic (SP) and National University of Singapore (NUS). All in all, The Clematis is a great investment option for those aiming to live in the finest property in Singapore and enjoy the wide variety of comfort and first class luxury The Clematis the has to offer.

Uptown @ Farrer Park MRT Station New Launch Near to Hospitals

The Uptown at Farrer is centrally situated to many commercial establishments. This is one of the reason why the properties attracted the interest of top bidders. Also, there is a considerable variation of residential and commercial buildings located around. This keeps Uptown at Farrer Condo connected to another part of the town. With the well-integrated bus service system, users can access various parts of the city. There is the city Square Mall just beside the central Park MRT station which is linked by an underpass. It attends to the needs of the resident with provisions and retail service offerings.

Uptown @ Farrer Park MRT Station New Launch Near to Hospitals

There are the Women and Children’s Hospital as well as Singapore’s National Eye centre available to the residents. There are special medical care facilities, health and wellness centre, luxury hotels which helps maintain the health and fitness of residence.

Some secondary schools located near the Farrer Park MRT Station include the Balestier Hill Secondary School, Anglo Chinese School, as well as the Bendemeer Secondary School. There are also schools for beginners and parents can consider Bendemeer Primary School as well as Farrer Park Primary School for their kids in the primary section

Shopping Malls City Square Mall Near to Farrer Park MRT Station

The City Square Mall that serves the whole uptown at Farrer is situated just at the Farrer Park MRT station. In Singapore, it is the first eco-mall that was joined with an urban park called the City green. It is equipped with more than 700,000 square ft dedicated to retail activities. As a result, there are over 200 shops where people can get all they need, alongside enjoying an eco-learning shopping experience. There are more food stores around in contrast to retail stores. Hence, a great place to eat.

Local Shop and Food Near to Uptown @ Farrer Park MRT Station

There are many tasty local delicacies near Uptown at Farrer. Ng Ah Sio Bat KutTeh and the WahKee Big Prawn Noodle stand out as some of the best native delicacies stores that one should check out, on visiting Farrer park. A lot of people have tried out the stores and can testify of its unique flavour. Uptown at farther also features a lot if beautiful cafes that forms the base of many Instagram photos. There are cafes like Non-entree Desserts as well as Tiramisu Hero. These are classy cafes that have many new desserts. If you are tight on budget, Mustapha Café is the place to be; it is located just near the Farrer Park MRT station.

Also, one could check out the street in Little India and explore many temples. They are a great place to experience a native culture.

Arena Residences Facilities and Shopping Centres at Guillemard Lane

Arena Residences is a new freehold development which is located in the Guillemard Lane . Its project developer , Roxy Pacific Holdings has done an excellent job in designing this project. They have further plans to combine the two plots of land with the other two plots that were acquired by it previously in the 12 and 14 Guillemard Lane. Thus the overall land area of the combined plot is 25,601 square feet, with such large area , there are a lot of plans already underway to develop the Arena Residences into even better.

Arena Residences Unique Facilities

There are a lot of unique facilities in arena residences. They will provide you a guard house for proper security, clubhouse for people to hangout, well maintained indoor gym , function room, 50 metre long swimming pool , sun deck , barbecue pits and also a tennis court and beautiful playground for children to play. All these amazing features ensures full entertainment for your family.

Roxy Pacific Holdings group is very well known for its signature hotels in Singapore. When it comes to innovation and excellence in the construction of residential developments of small and medium size , Roxy Pacific Holdings are known to be the experts and are also known as to be among the flagship brands in this field. With such high status they are sure to make Arena Residences into a big success.

Arena Residences Shopping Centres and Singapore Hub

Arena Residences Condo is also very strategically located with a lot of shopping centres around it. The Singapore Sports Hub is also located nearby , so the residents here will have a lot of places to visit and will be able to spend some quality family time. This residence was built with an idea of providing luxurious resort experience to its residents . As its location is right next to an expressway, those who wish to travel to the city could easily do so.

Elite Schools Near to Arena Residences

There are a lot of elite schools near arena residences. So the residents who wish to send their children to school, can have a variety of options nearby. There are a lot of small supper places too nearby where you can enjoy your supper and drinks . Various entertainment areas are also located nearby. The demography of these areas are expected to change overtime to a more family oriented environment. The businesses are moving more towards benefiting the middle class population , so as a result there will be more wholesome entertainment industries in coming days.

Overall a very beautiful and unique lifestyle awaits for you at Arena Residences . One that is sure to keep your family entertained and happy. So you must check out the site and floor plans of Arena Residences for further information.

The Tapestry Different Layouts and Sizes for Different Family Sizes

The Tapestry is a private leasehold development by CDL (City Developments Limited). It is located in Tampines Avenue 10. It provides plenty of water facilities for the residents. It also offers various transport options.

It is near to Bedok Reservoir that denotes a prime part of the land. It has a plot ratio of 2.8. It had nine bidders for the plot. The City Development Limited submitted the bids for the plot of land. It will be on best location for lovers of nature and water sports. Many educational institutions located near to the developments. The Tapestry Condo finds near to shopping centers as well as Giant Hypermarket and IKEA Tampines.

The City Developments Limited has an outstanding track record in property industries. The City Developments Limited (CDL) got many credentials or awards for their quality commitment and best services for customers. These are the reasons to trust that CDL is concerned for their objectives and missions.

The Tapestry Floor Plans and Layouts

It has 1 Bedroom to 5 Bedroom layouts. The 1 Bedroom layouts are perfect for buyers who are finding to rent out the full unit for the living. The 1 Bedroom units are suitable for persons who want a unit near to their office or workplace near Changi Business Park or Singapore Expo. It also has 5 Bedroom layouts. The 5 Bedroom is suitable for lengthy families. It is also ideal for stay as well as the persons who want rent out the attached ensue. It allows buyers to lease their units without paying for ABSD (Additional Buyer Stamp Duty).

The Tapestry Different Layouts and Sizes for Different Family Sizes

Exciting zones with more than 50 services

There are the ten exciting zones in which the City Development Limited is provided their services. These zones are as follow: • Club Tapestry

• Central Park

• Social patio

• Arrival court

• Aqua zone

• Pets cabin

• Kids explorer

• Fitness court

• Enchanted garden

• Hydro Veranda

It provides various services that are the indoor gym, swimming pool, children playground, barbeque area and a tennis court. In arrival court zone it offers facilities for reflective pool, site gate, and garden niche with bench, welcome lobby and waiting for the lounge, etc. In central park zone, it provides facilities of the gymnasium, poolside lounge, cosy lounge, palm garden, central lawn, arbour walk, hammock lounge and changing rooms with steam bath, etc

The Tapestry Floor Plans and Layouts Near to Changi Airport

It has 1 to 4 bedroom units plan. For your consideration and investment purpose, it has one more study bedroom units. It is situated near to Changi Business Park and many high-status schools. It has two kinds of facing: Tampines Street 86 Facing and Tampines Avenue 10. It has unique facilities such as function room, guard house, etc. There are also a commercial and coffee shops at the HBD Housing estates for your regular requirements.

The City Development Limited overlooks the luxurious area of Bedok Reservoir. I hope it will be a serene and exclusive living area for you. It will help you to get all facilities, and I hope you will look at the place. Good Luck!

Riverfront Residences Oxley Holdings at Hougang Former Rio Casa Enbloc

Achieve your Dreams form Riverfront Residences. Real estate investment is one of the most lucrative business across the world today and every sector is focusing on it and how to maximize on returns. Whether you are considering the sector in terms of business purposes are residential homes, there is always a perfect way to handle this. Getting the best when it comes to real estate can be very expensive and marry call for a lot of partnership and expertise consultation.

Riverfront Residences Oxley Holdings at Hougang

On the foundation of offering the best, that is why Riverfront Residences Rio Casa Enbloc exist. It was established focusing on delivering the best in terms of residential and business premises. The project is located in Hougang Avenue 7 and it presents one of the world best icons in the land. The iconic development in the land was formerly under the private control of HUDC estate which has now changed. The new tenure that is now meant to run for 99 years under which the development shall be on lease, much is expected of it.

Former Rio Casa HUDC Enbloc Singapore

The positive look of the future of Riverfront Residences Rio Casa development, many investors have expressed interest when it comes to developers. It has one of the most pleasing environments as it’s considered the latest investment in its current location and many developers attracted. It stands in a strategically placed area considering the proximity to the prominent station Hougang and the bus interchange of Hougang making the transport in the area very flexible. It is also located near the Serangoon Park Connector making it very likable to those who are looking to own part of the new development and still interested in the outdoor activities. The deve

Riverfront Residences has been established under the development of partnership with the developer being Oxley-Lian Beng Venture Pte Ltd. It is not only a development project to all the stakeholders but the profitability after the sales will give stakeholders best returns as compared to other of interest. The developers are not limiting their dreams and it is even set to go further with the plans to construct an excellent waterfront that will set a greenery views of Sungei and Upper area of Serangoon.

Riverfront Residences Enbloc Rio Casa at Hougang Avenue 7

From the buildings position, you will get the direct view of the riverfront that is set just 200 m. Even before all is set to be in place, Riverfront Residences singapore has already raised great potential for investment as well as home for stay. The popular Hougang Mall and Transportation hub are all set on a close proximity to the iconic project making it ideal to all. Choosing Riverfront Residences condo as your home of residence will be a clear win for the bet since it has put in place all your needs that will make you feel very comfortable from the place.

All the social amenities that you can talk of are well positioned within Riverfront Residences to give the best to all family members and children playing ground is at its best state. With some of the best rated schools in Singapore located in the neighborhood, your children are assured of the best in terms of education to make them all round people. Your dream has been packaged and presented by Riverfront Residences in the best and affordable way. The residential homes have been given different set ups in terms of sizes and plans hence there is something ideal for all. To give the best to yourself and family, don’t imagine of anything else Riverfront Residences Rio Casa Enbloc has it all ready for you.


Jui Residences Former National Aerated Water Company

Jui Residences is among the freehold section of development which is located in the middle of Serangoon road.

According to the available information, the developer of this project which is addressed to Serangoon road is the famous Selangor Dredging. It is a freehold piece of development that in the district 12. It is also one of the most significant events with about 117 units. This project is built in a site area of 88,705sqft and a gross floor area of 88,775sqft.

Former National Aerated Water Company Condo

Most people who are looking for right places to live, also like to know the type of lease hood that is available. This project has a freehold lease meaning that, if you want to invest in long-term bases, you will at the best place ever. It is the former National Aerated Water Company located at Potong Pasir MRT Station.

Jui Residences has several schools such as Stamford American International, St. Andrew’s Junior College and Cedar Girls Secondary Schools for those with school going kids especially when they want quality education. In addition, it offer an opportunity to save time due to its close proximity to major CBD for an easy traveling to the city.
In conclusion, this Jui Residences review should make you own a unit when you want to enjoy cool and serene residential area for your family members.

When at Jui Residences, you will have only some minutes’ walk to the Orchard shopping center. While at Jui Residences you will have the advantage of joining the CBD where you can buy goods at the lowest price ever.

Jui Residences National Dredging Singapore

This project comes with many modern amenities that can be used by anybody in the area. The best example is the presence of the BBQ and big playing grounds for your kids. For those who love games, indoor gym and tennis court is available at your expose. A swimming pool is also open in the area giving you full relaxation when you are tired. Contact information

If you want to write a letter, you can address it to 1177 Serangoon Road Singapore 328231. Their telephone number is 61008686 if you ‘re going to talk to somebody over the phone. For more details about the site plan, you can send your Using the email, you can get all aspects for the project.

Jui Residences Potong Pasir MRT Station

Jui Residences has different floor plans that are subject to any changes as you need. For instance, you will get up to 4 bedroom units at this place.


Cayman Residences Near to East Coast Park Freehold Landed Property

One of the most precious assets of our times is land. Its appreciating value with time makes it lucrative for investors and property developers across the globe. Cayman residences Pinnacle Assets is an exceptional example of property development that opens up an amazing lifestyle and wonderful experience to buyers looking for freehold land property. As compared to other leasehold property, freehold has more benefits like retaining value over time despite inflation or tenure approach.

Cayman Residences Near to East Coast Park

Cayman residence freehold landed property thus stands out amongst the limited landed properties available in Singapore at a time when land scarcity in the city-state is a great challenge. Located in the heart of marine parade, East Coast area Singapore, the residence is right next to the East Coast Parkway.

Cayman Residences by Pinnacle Assets

The uniquely crafted property defines modern times and stands out as timely for investors who are looking for lifetime investments. Strategically located near the upcoming marine terrace and surrounded by many amenities like the iconic East Coast Park. It is the largest park stretching from Marina East to Bedok not to forget the popular parkway parade, shopping centre’s, malls, outdoor space for family fun activities making it possible to spend quality time. For families with school going children various elite schools like Victoria school, Victoria junior college, Saint Patrick’s school amongst others neighbour the residence. Besides that, buyers and investors can be able to set up real estates and business premises that can hold up to three-storey property. According to the latest master plan, the property sits on a prime 45,249sqft suitable for development.

Cayman Residences Freehold Landed Property

To purchase the property, aspiring buyers can buy from the secondary market from resale owners or from the developer who will be building new houses in East Coast Avenue. Pinnacle assets who are qualified professionals manage the property under director Leow Tan Lie. Great benefits await the lucky buyers and investors of Cayman residences East Coast Park.

Twin Vew Condo Beside Parc Riviera Condo West Coast

Twin Vew is a residential development situated in the rapidly expanding area of West Coast Vale. Just a short drive from Jurong Lake District and Clementi Town, Twin Vew features easy access to Ayer Raja, making traveling by car a viable option.

Twin Vew China Construction Development Condo

West Coast Vale is also in close proximity to Clementi MRT station, connecting commuters to a number of malls and restaurants. Twin Vew West Coast Vale is a 99-year leasehold developed by China Construction Development Co, designed to cater for the growing demand for residential properties close to the Central Business District in Jurong.

Twin Vew New Condo at West Coast Vale

China Construction Development Co won the contract for the Twin Vew West Coast plot of land, despite keen interest from at least 9 other development companies. The 99-year lease eventually sold for $21,990,000 or $6,366 PSM although the Singapore based company MCC Land just missed out on the project with a bid of $289,900,000. Expert analysts didn’t expect such a high price, although the success of the near-by, fully sold Parc Riviera Condo showed the demand for properties in the area. The units have been estimated to sell for $1,200-$1,300psqft.

Twin Vew condo offers easy access to Jurong East MRT station, connecting residents to the popular 818,000sqft Jem Shopping Mall. The condo will be situated in proximity to Jurong community Hospital and NG Teng Fong General Hospital for any medical emergencies.

Twin Vew New Launch Beside Parc Riviera

There are currently plans being drawn up for a high-speed rail terminus connecting Kuala Lumpur to Singapore with a terminus at Jurong East, the duration of the train will be 90 minutes instead of the usual 6 hours by train, 1 hour by air and 4 hours by car.

The site will possess a wide range of amenities to satisfy all residents. The facilities Twin Vew are set to feature comprise of a swimming pool, indoor gym, tennis court, children’s playground and BBQ area. There have been estimates of roughly 520 units, the units will face two possible ways and will consist of 1-4 bedrooms.


8 Saint Thomas Walk Condo 313 Somerset Shopping Centre

8 Saint Thomas is a freehold Condo development that is being developed by Bukit Sembawang. With many people shifting nowadays from leasehold properties to freehold properties, the development provides a great opportunity for buyers to get hold of the property. Once in operation, the development is expected to provide state-of-the-art housing facilities to ease congestion and improve residential housing in Singapore. The facility consists of two blocks whereby one block will have 35 storeys and the other will have 36 storeys. It has a total of 291 residential units which will greatly boost the number of housing units.

8 Saint Thomas Walk Condo 313 Somerset Shopping Centre

8 Saint Thomas freehold condo is located in one of the strategic and posh locations which is ideal for residential units. It is located next to the Great World City MRT Station on the Thompson East Coast line. With its location close to MRT Station, it presents the best opportunity for residents to enjoy the convenience of transport to the city and back to the residence without much hassle. Buses are available along Oxley Rise Road and River Valley Road which makes transportation to the city to be easy and effective. the development is also in close proximity to Central Expressway and Ayer Rajah Expressway for ease of movement to other parts of the city. The development is a freehold condo and is located near to Great World City MRT Station.

8 St Thomas Walk Bukit Sembawang Estates

Residents who love shopping are not left out as 8 Saint Thomas is close to a number of shopping malls and shopping centers where residents can undertake their shopping at any time of the day. Among the shopping malls nearby include 313 Somerset, Takashimaya Shopping Center, Great World City, Cathay Cineleisure Orchard and many others. There are also food centers nearby that include Zion Riverside Food Center, Tiong Bahru Market, Havelock Road Block Food Center and Beo Crescent Food Center which provides delicious foods and cuisines.

Keeping in mind that residents will have school going children, Finnish Supplementary School, Anglo Chinese Junior School, Overseas Family School and others will provide the best education to all students residing in the development.

8 St Thomas Walk Freehold Condo

8 Saint Thomas is home to a number of amenities that makes living in the facility to be comfortable and appealing. There is a swimming pool, tennis court, indoor gym, children’s playground and other amenities.

8 Saint Thomas is designed with 1, 2, 3, and 4 bedroom units which are spacious and suits the needs of all. it comes with two facings, River Valley Road facing and Devonshire Road Facing. with the floor plans, site plans and a range of amenities available at the development, a truly tranquil, calm and posh lifestyle awaits you at 8 Saint Thomas.


Former Ban Nee Chen Nursery Amber 45 Condo

Amber 45 is s new project development that is located right in the center of Marine Parade. The developer is UOL group for the former Ban Nee Chen Nursery. This freehold new development project sits between two famous and popular condominiums that is I’m between Sea View and the Shore Residences

Amber 45 is strategically located in an easily accessible site that was initially occupied by a landscaping as well as nursery business. The site area is 69 858 square feet and the number of units will be approximately 190 units. There are plenty of highly established institutions and big shopping centers within this new freehold development.

Amber 45 UOL Ban Nee Chen Nursery

The exact location of Amber 45 is at Amber Road. The land which this project development is developed at was previously owned by the Ban Nee Chen nursery. There are plenty of nearby amenities which includes schools like Tanjong Katong Girls School, Canadian international school, Tanjong Katong primary school and the Chatsworth international school. The Shopping malls within the vicinity are 112 Katong, Katong shopping centre, and the parkway parade. The Marine Parade MRT station and the Tanjong MRT station are near this development project.

Amber 45 Condo Former Ban Nee Chen Singapore

There are plenty of various facilities that are available for you in Amber 45 and they include: Barbeque units, tennis courts, an indoor gym, children playground and a swimming pool. In order to suit each and everyone needs there are different floor types at amber 45. There 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units which are available at this development. From the 6 floor and above residents are able to get good view because they are not blocked.

Amber 45 UOL Tanjong Katong Shopping Centre

Katong shopper center which is just nearby at the Mountbatten Road has many shops, clinics, maid agencies and hair salons inside. This shopping center is among the earliest Singapore’s established Malls. The strategic location of Amber Road is a good opportunity for buyers who are looking to develop properties along the prestigious and highly sought after area that is the Amber Road.

The iconic parkway parade shopping center which is in the heart of Marine Parade has many anchor tenants inside the shopping mall. The Giant and the cold storage are some of the big and major anchor tenants that are found inside the parkway parade shopping center. The East coast parkway makes it easy to travel to the city, there are also many buses that ply along Mountbatten road and the Marine parade road. The Tanjong MRT station which will be completed by 2023 will make access to amber 45 easier.