Paya Lebar Quarter Lend Lease Condo

Singapore is looking to add another business district to their already busy economy. This district will attract both workers and tourists alike. The Paya Labar Centre is set to be the next big time business district and will also be a major center for people that rely on commuting to get around. This includes those that travel by bus, train, subway, and even taxi.
The Paya Labar Quarter has been seeing an increase in development and construction. The Abu Dhabi Investment Authority has gotten a permit to build an office building which will hold many different offices in addition to the 429 flats that will be found in this building.

Paya Lebar Quarter Mix Development

In addition to the office building and the flats that will be included in that there are already a number of apartments for rent in this area. For the first time in Singapore an Australian group is also developing homes. They have a permit that will allow them to add 2015 new properties in this area. While these companies are not allowed to own the land in this area they are allowed to take out the lease for 99 years at a time.

Paya Lebar Quarters Paya Lebar MRT

Since there is additional housing and offices being put up in the Playa Lebar Quarter and Central there are also a number of transportation stations being developed in this area. There is going to be a MRT station to connect the different train lines as well as an area of land for airspace.

Paya Lebar Condo

The Paya Lebar Quarter Condo is an up and coming area in Singapore. There are a number of office s being developed which will attract new businesses and working professionals. The train and the bus station will allow these people get to where they need to go and make commuting from home to work simple and easy.